Quality Assurance

Quality controlled to ensure premium products

Bod delivers only the highest quality products to patients that are safe and efficacious. We have developed a quality-controlled manufacturing process to ensure patients and practitioners can be comfortable and confident in knowing they are receiving a premium product that is consistent and reliable.

Bod’s medicinal cannabis, MediCabilis™, has high-quality assurance from plant to product.

Every part of the process complies with the codes of acceptable manufacturing standards to ensure the quality of the medicinal cannabis and ingredients used in the manufacture are of an acceptable standard and safe for the consumer.

MediCabilis™ is pharmaceutical-grade

Pharmaceutical-grade medicinal cannabis is medicinal cannabis that has been developed under GMP conditions to meet stringent Australian quality and safety standards. This includes having a known dose of cannabinoids – the chemical components of cannabis – and not containing any molds, fungi, bacteria, pesticides, heavy metals, or other potentially harmful substances.

Well-manufactured products and regular quality assessments ensures products are compliant with the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration’s relevant quality standards, such as the Therapeutic Goods -(Standard for Medicinal Cannabis) (TGO 93) Order 2017.2-3 Bod consistently surpasses the national quality control standards, consistently delivering premium medicinal cannabis product. Patients will receive known and regulated dosing of cannabinoids, whilst also ensuring the absence of toxic and harmful impurities.

MediCabilis™ is quality-tested for:

Cannabinoid Content

The cannabinoid content of Bod’s products are evaluated regularly to ensure that the cannabinoid content of the products are consistent with the contents declared on the label – which has been confirmed and verified with analytical analysis from a third-party.


Each batch of medicinal cannabis products are also regularly evaluated for contaminants using standardised and validates analytical techniques to determine purity.

Safety and Tolerability

Bod’s medicinal cannabis, MediCabilis™, has additional assurance of safety and tolerability determined by its successful performance in a Phase 1 clinical study that was published in the British Clinical Journal of pharmacology.1

Click on the image to view or download the research summary.

View or download the 2-page summary of the article here. A version of the full article can be found on the Journal’s website or on request.


 Our commitment to quality ensures that we are not only providing a premium product but also providing peace of mind.



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